We are an Energy Management Service provider startup based in Taipei, Taiwan, whose goal is to contribute to the global green energy movement by targeting energy waste. We are energy waste eradictators.

What Service We Provide

As an internet-of-things company, it goes without saying that we connect offices to the cloud. But what happens from there?


Wireless device provide your company flexible and quick installation. Meeting the unique needs of your building effective. Low installation costs and quick ROI. Wireless technology delivering enhanced comfort with minimal interruption of your business.


In order to tackle energy waste, a thorough analysis of energy usage must be conducted. We monitor your location's power consumption, lighting control, air conditioning settings and human movement patterns in order to get a complete picture. Analysis of historical alarms can help identify potential ongoing issues.


Consolidating your energy consumption and the electricity billing into one dashboard. Make you easy to know how much money you spend for energy.


Monitor system performance across your entire enterprises in a single interface.

Automation Control

Sit back and watch as your building reacts to internal and external factors and automatically adjusts itself to save energy all while maintaining comfort.

Demand Response

Demand response allows your company to reduce the electricity usage when nearly over contract capacity during peak periods. .

Global Enterprise

It's all about the Information.

Current energy management and metering systems produce huge amounts of valuable data. Most of them are thrown away. Staff and engineers typically can only use less than 1% available data for making decisions.

The key issue is global enterprises place their factory, office and plant in world wide, but there is no consoliate infoamation tool to collect energy cost, energy policy in different country and local environment information.

Unlike traditions building management systems in different branch company, xMight provides helps global enterpris a complete view of an entire enterprise energy information, not just component parts or indivial building information.

Small to Middle Size Enterprise

There are 30% ~ 40% energy waste in small and middle size enterprise.

Small and middle size enterprises(SME) have particular characteristics that can present challenges for the adoption of energy efficiency.

These relate not only to their size and turnover, although these are important factors, but also to their structure and culture. Small firms are less likely than larger ones to monitor energy waste.
Considering there is no suitable too for these enterprise; no enpough budget, no energy management expert. xMight offerts SME a for quick installation, easy to use and affortable energy management service tool for small and middle size enterprises.

Residential Lease

Considerable progress has been made in the field of green energy over the past few years. However, attention is only given to cleaner energy production methods despite the fact that energy waste represents a serious challenge. We strive to both eliminate energy waste while also increasing user comfort.

About xMight

Businesses of all kinds can easily prevent or fix problems such as water and gas leaks, pest, fire or theft. These are all potential liabilities and can be financial drains if not promptly addressed. But to who should your business turn to for power leaks? Are you even aware of how much energy your business is wasting, or how much it could be potentially saving? Indeed, power leaks are invisible and difficult to notice. Energy bills, whether normal-looking or abnormally high, provide no insight as to how businesses could reduce their power consumption. Come in xMight Corp, Energy Waste Eradicators.

While great progress has been made in clean energy production technology, we find energy waste management to be highly underrated and overlooked. Yet a truly sustainable planet cannot be achieved only by improving our energy supply: we need to reduce the demand as well. xMight is an internet-of-things startup whose goal is to holistically tackle energy waste in order to close the gap between supply and demand once and for all.

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